Become a Volunteer Producer

Manistee TV belongs to the community and serves the Manistee area by providing locally produced programming. There is an on-going need for volunteers to tape local governmental meetings, high school sporting events and other community happenings. Manistee TV provides the training and equipment to enable you to become a Community Producer. Contact the Director by e-mail at

Submit Programming

Manistee TV offers a forum for locally produced shows to be shown to the community (or Charter Cable channels 189/190) and to the world on the website. All programming is subject to review by the PEG Commission Board and must adhere to guidelines outlined in the PEG Commission By Laws. Contact the Director for specific guidelines for submitting materials to Manistee TV.

Support Manistee Public Access Television

Manistee TV is a "not for profit" organization. In other words, we don’t have commercials or paid programming to support our operations. Instead, we depend on contributions from a variety of sources, all of which are tax deductible.

At present, sponsorship and underwriting donations - from businesses, groups and individuals - comprise a significant part of our budget and are vital to the continued operation of the station.

What is the difference between sponsors and underwriters?

Sponsors may decide to support a specific program or type of programming, e.g., Basketball, Football, Music, etc. They may also donate equipment instead of money as long as the equipment is approved by the Executive Director and necessary for the operation of the station.

Underwriting monies, on the other hand, go into our ‘general fund’ which is used to purchase equipment, supplies, cameras, microphones, tape decks, or any of the supplies we need.

Levels & Benefits

What Else Should I Know?

While Manistee TV cannot advertise for you we can display a generalized statement that gives your business name, what you do and an address where people can find you.